The Nidmight monarchy has been in power for almost 200 years, this is because members of this family can use every type of magic, unlike most people who can only use one if at all. The current king has fallen deathly ill, but has yet to name an heir to the throne. His son would make an excellent king during a time of war, but his lust for power would likely lead to the ruination of the kingdom. His daughter would be a Queen beloved by the people, but she hates him and wants nothing to do with the royal family. Desperate for a successor the king sends his children off to learn the four schools of magic, hoping that the journey would mellow out his son or bring his daughter peace.


  • A linear story with multiple "semi- open world" segments to provide a more unique play through. (Not Implemented)
  • A combat system that doesn't use weaknesses, instead certain magic/skills will be stronger or weaker depending on the environment. (Prototype Implemented)
  • Level up your stats manually to gain perks like more HP, regeneration, and counter attacking.


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